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Course Title: Communication for Better Work

Issues/Cause: “ a poor communication has never resulted a good work”

          Sometimes in the workplace you feel that communication with your colleagues is not going well. They have not understood each other's needs. More and more, no effort is made. This results in a decrease in work efficiency. All these reasons eventually put you under so much pressure that you think about quitting.        

         " Communication", sounds simple to people in daily life, but the majority has overlooked its importance. In contrast, the details of the work become the more interesting part. However, they all need to be completed by good communication with all departments in each process. So, skipping this point has a direct impact on the work.         

         Communication for Better Work is designed to focus on the internal organization. It allows people to learn about the different characteristics of others in a workplace so that work efficiency is improved, which also leads to better relationships. In this way, it proves that good communication within the company can bring about sustainable growth for the company.


Course Objectives

  1. To teach learners to understand the process of communication affects the work.

  2. Learners could be adjustable to various kinds of colleagues with specific techniques.

Learner could apply the process of communication development to enhance the work efficiency in the company

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