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Tri-O Coaching Course: Performance Driving Tools For Management

Lao Telecom


I'm not good at it, I'm not very well versed in this.

I don't have time, I have a lot to do.

My knowledge is not enough, my knowledge is low.

I'm inexperienced, I don't have enough

It can't be done. no one can do it

Our company does not work as a team at all.

My subordinates are not working efficiently.

I've tried every method and it doesn't work at all.

and other "excuses" that tell why we

This task failed.

These are “destructive programs”.

that the brain creates "deceiving" us

so that we do not have to be tired of doing something new

Executives “need to” know the technique.

Asking questions to destroy these programs

for both himself and his subordinates

in order for the work to move forward to the desired goal

and get results in a short time

“The brain can deceive us. We have to solve it.” Yes.

with the last course for Lao Telecom's Institute for Executive Development IOM (Institue Of Management) in

Course “Tri-O Coaching: Performance Driving Tools For Management”

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