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Empathic Communication for work


Communication is known to everyone and is usually used in daily life and work. However, there are some problems that arise from the way it is used, e.g;

  • a controversy among colleagues

  • a failure of the assigned work

  • employees are afraid to express their opinions in a meeting

  • the idea that all people have the same understanding

  • Different thinking and age

  good communication within the organization is an indispensable factor that contributes to the development of the company and brings harmony among employees to the expected goal. Empathic communication for work is to improve communication skills to promote harmony in the thinking of the employees themselves. Moreover, mindset is another interesting aspect to focus on as it is important for communication and positive exchange of feedback. In this way, happy collaboration can take place, leading to efficient work. Course Objectives

1. to know how the brain works, which mainly affects communication efficiency and its automatic operating system.

2.To understand ourselves and learn to be a good listener to eliminate communication problems.

3. to improve communication in the organization to avoid conflicts and increase work efficiency.


Course Outlines: 1 day training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Module 1: Brain processes and communication problems.

  • Daily communication issues

  • Work processes of the brain that affect communication efficiency.

  • Types of communication confirmation

  • The importance of empathic communication

  • 4 ways to better communication

Module 2: Excellent listening skills at work

  • 6 things for human needs (keys of communication)

  • 4 levels of listening

  • A trap of listening

  • Insightful listening technique

  • Reflection technique

  • Workshop: Listening and Reflection

Module 3: Communication process and self-awareness with Points of You

  • Get to know Points of You (a globally recognized coaching tool)

  • Workshop "Who am I", it reflects you in different perspectives

  • Workshop "An appointment with myself", it communicates with you about the
    things surrounding you and true needs

Module 4: A plan to develop communication with Points of You

  • Workshop "The ideal & the reality".

  • Communication exercises with role plays


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