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Training course to awaken your brain power for success

Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited


Now we almost don't even have to ask. How much has the business landscape changed after the world is connected online due to the impact that will occur in the Covid era?

What businesses need to ask now is

We must be prepared to deal with this rapid change.

How can the business continue to grow and be sustainable?

Because the old ways of working and old ways of thinking may not meet the needs of the business anymore.

When executives have a good vision have the right questions and began to prepare employees with leapfrog thinking

Then the results would show their results soon.

“Empowering Your Brain for Success” is a course designed to meet the business needs of Srisawad Corporation District Managers and Region Managers.

It's based on a brain mechanism that normally forces people to work day to day and avoid new challenges.

By focusing on coaching the brain to go beyond the same limitations in order to create new energy and ideas to develop work to achieve goals faster and better than ever in the rapidly changing business world.

The first batch has been trained and received very good feedback as expected. Therefore, it has been extended to 4 generations for all managers across the country.

Because when the manager understands the brain mechanism of himself and his subordinates

Then creating the desired results is not difficult anymore!

Thank you Srisawad Corporation

for trusting the COS team

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