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Effective Working by 5Q


The supervisor plays a crucial role in the organization to guide the team members to achieve the goal smoothly and with the right standard. These would satisfy the customers with the good quality of the products and services. Thus, the organization could easily achieve the goal if they are able to develop supervisor skills that used for the work such as understanding their own role both personnel and work management, problem solving in any case, liability, and motivation builder towards team members.

Course Objectives

1. To be a good leader who is able to direct and assign work to team members with sustainable success

2. To understand their own role to show leadership in appropriate events

3. To apply the knowledge to direct staff to prepare before making further progress.

Course Description: 1 day training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Module 1: Leadership in high performance teams

  • New generation of supervisors in dealing with change.

  • The role of the new generation of supervisors and the expectations of the organization

  • Tips for management

  • Managing the skills of supervisors

Module 2: Operational planning

  • Concept and planning process

  • The systematic planning technique

  • Delegation and supervision technique

  • Workshop: Delegation and supervision at every event

Module 3: Effective task and time management

  • Lead time and performance

  • Problem of inappropriate time management

  •  How to manage time and work schedule with teamwork

  • How to order the task under time constraints

Module 4: Excellence in Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • The supervisor's role in problem solving and decision making

  • DMAIC for problem solving and decision making

  • Techniques and tools for problem solving and decision making

  • Presentation and monitoring of effective problem solving

  • Practical exercises in problem solving and decision making in various events

Module 5: Assertive communication and conducting great team meetings.

  • Analyze the problem within the organization

  • The effective communication processes

  • Communication techniques for different people

  • Practical exercises on effective communication for good results

Module 6: Coaching & Mentoring

  • Tools for the development of new generation employees

  • Tools for analyzing employees of different styles

  • Technique of work control

  • Delegation and coaching techniques

  • Coaching techniques

  • Workshop for colleagues in different situations

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