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Entrepreneurial Leader


It was said that the ability to be an entrepreneur was never included in the curriculum of any institute until 2020, when the first class was opened in the master's program of Kasetsart College.

There are some compatible courses that partially expand the knowledge of entrepreneurship, including administration, management, economics, etc. To gain entrepreneurial skills, people need to learn from mistakes and direct experiences. Some have been passed down from generation to generation. Entrepreneurial skills are important to run a business. Without these skills, most would have failed at running a business.

The Entrepreneurial Leader course is designed to improve the skills of business leaders and
bridge the gap between work and vision.

However, entrepreneurial skills do not guarantee completion for all new business owners. In fact, it depends on individuals who have sufficient performance to stand as number one in the organization, so whether they can be attractive people or existing leaders. If they are not compatible with employees or senior managers of the company, the separation may be a good choice. On the other hand, if they have sufficient power and are stable, it is easy to attract the most suitable resources, consisting of partners, personnel, etc., to quickly achieve the goal.

Course Objective:

1. participants will learn the mindset of an entrepreneur

2. participants will have the mindset to improve their entrepreneurship

3. participants will be able to think and solve problems like an entrepreneur

4. they will learn how to improve their self-leadership

Course Description: 1 day training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Module 1: Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (Victor)

  • Workshop: Being stable in kick starts

Module 2: Characteristics of an entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurial traits (MICRO)

  • Workshop: Fill the Gap

Module 3: Entrepreneurial problem solving and decision making

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and decision making

  • Workshop: If you were an owner, you will

Module 4: Leadership skills and development

  • 5 levels of entrepreneurial leadership

  • Workshop: Discussion & Case Study

  • Summary

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