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Leadership Development with Action Learning


Leadership Development aims to work efficiently, in line with company policies and required results. In today's world, companies face a variety of challenges due to their high expectations. Leaders are expected to make urgent changes and show immediate results. As a result, previous training has proven to be inadequate in many ways. The Action Learning Coach, on the other hand, is designed for focused collaboration at multiple levels of experience, leading to the development of solutions and action plans through action learning. In addition, group work and problem solving lead to cultural cultivation within the organization to meet its needs. Therefore, Leadership Development with Action Learning is designed with action learning and results-based training to find the right skills in learners while creating positive change in individuals and teams within the organization.


Course Objectives

1. Develop leaders with action learning who are able to lead individuals, teams and organizations

2. Enhance leaders' skills with action learning coach to manage teams effectively

3. Use the process to properly apply strategies or new approaches to problem solving

4. Leaders become more competent in coaching and thinking to respond to the new generation of business leadership.

Course description: 2 days of training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Day 1

Module 1: Action Learning Coach Foundation

  • Action Learning: a tool used as a solution and to achieve results in teamwork.

  • Action Learning with the perspective of solution and business development

  • Action Learning: the tool component

  • Action Learning with basic rules

Module 2: How to use Action Learning for problem solving and as a team effort

  • Action Learning problems and challenges

  • -The process of questioning and reflection

  • Overall solution with Action Learning

Module 3: Key tools for Action Learning

  • Questioning process and thinking reflection

  • Advantages and disadvantages of using questioning to reflect on thinking

  • The power of questioning and thinking reflection through action learning

  • 1st workshop action learning process and feedback

Day 2

Module 4: Leadership Development and Building an Organizational Culture

  • Leadership development with action learning

  • Individual skill improvement and application

Module 5: The strategies and process of action learning

  • Strategies and the process of action learning

  • The process of action learning

  • Workshop: 2nd Action Learning Process and Feedback

Module 6: How to build the learning process for development with action learning

  • Building the learning process with intervene

  • Building the learning process with SBID

  • Workshop: 3rd and 4th action learning process and feedback

Application and development

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