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Code of Success

High Impact Coaching & Positive Feedback


Given the rapid pace of change in the business world, the organization is committed to hiring fully functional professionals. They are expected to accept collaboration with their managers efficiently by being open-minded and cooperative. So, the aforementioned strategies are required to develop internal employees. Coaching and feedback using the psychological method of positive feedback will lead employees to develop and realize their inner potential to solve any problems they face. Moreover, they will learn to grow better, drive the organization with capable employees derived from feedback, manage tasks efficiently, reduce conflicts and strengthen relationships within the company. They will be able to value customers and meet the needs of the business. The course is designed for managers who want to apply coaching skills to lead their team members and improve their own competencies appropriately. It also leads to giving creative feedback and actually applying it until communication is done on both sides. It will lead to sincere conversations that result in good relationships.

Course Objectives

1. to know the importance of coaching and positive feedback

2. to train coaching skills

3. to teach employees to give creative feedback and actually use it,
leading to good understanding and better relationships.

Course Outlines: 1 day training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Module 1: Hight Impact Coaching (effective team management).

  • Leading with High Impact Coaching

  • Selection of leaders with TAPs model

  • Deep Listening, a tool of engagement

  • Workshop: Deep Listening

Module 2: Positive Feedback

  • Importance of feedback

  • The importance of positive feedback

  • Leadership styles for effective feedback and adapting to the feedback receiver

  • Workshop: Leadership & Feedback Styles

Module 3: 5-Step Coaching & Positive Feedback

  • 5 steps coaching and positive feedback

  • Insight into feedback refusal

  • Workshop: Applies to the organization's response Objective

Module 4: SBID Feedback & Follow-up

  • SBID feedback process: provide feedback to advance knowledge and stimulate work skills

  • Follow-up model & summary: the process needed to meet the requirements of the KPI organization.

Workshop: SBID Feedback & Follow-up

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