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Proactive Selling Skills in Digital Era


The digital age is leading to rapid change that requires new ways of marketing, including sales efforts and services, to catch the changing behavior of customers. There's no denying that innovative companies can outperform their competitors because customers are smarter about making product purchase decisions. Turning a one-time customer into a loyal customer requires experiences you get from your own usage or from other customers' comments. So what should we do as company representatives?

Customer Insight includes the data used for analytics, such as behavior, passion, attitude, etc., so that customers can have new experiences and feel better about themselves. Importantly, the focus is on adding value and making a difference that satisfies them and makes them a leader among competitors. The course is designed to help learners sharpen their focus on changes that can directly or indirectly impact the business or even the individual. The methods and tools of digital marketing should be applied through a good attitude towards learning, developing skills and building confidence to achieve Up Skill and Re Skill. Relying on the customers, the company will persuade with proactive sales skills in the digital era. As a result, the company will have a better image for the Next Normal era.

Course Objectives

1. Participants understand the principle of digital marketing era and the direction of proactive sales 2. Participants enjoy learning consumer behavior with professional communication

3. Participants can apply the knowledge to manage marketing and sales in line with the organization

4. Improve the thinking ability and plan strategies to increase sales according to the policy and team goal.

Course Description: 2 days training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Day 1

Module 1: New perspectives in the age of digital marketing.

Module 2: Talking and thinking, living and working and marketing concept.

  • The definition of the digital marketing age

  • Commonalities and differences of marketing

  • Obstacles to marketing in the digital age

A place for collaborative learning

Module 3: Learning insightful behavior from customers

Module 4: Analyzing applied customer behavior

Workshop: Analysis of customer behavior

Module 5: 3 skills of the salesperson in the digital age

  • Brand building with content marketing

  • Identity building with social media marketing

  • Customer retention with digital

Workshop: following the document

Module 6: Negotiation and Presentation Skills

Workshop: Case study and role play

Day 2

Module 7: The key to increasing sales in the digital age

  • The differences between creativity and innovative thinking

  • 5C Insights

  • Creating new experiences with 5A

  • A guide to customer insight

  • A guide to the customer journey

Workshop: Sharing perspectives and working collaboratively

Module 8: Characteristics of sales people and proactive marketing

Module 9: Getting to know the tools and digital communication channel

Module 10: Preparation of tools and digital communication

Module 11: Technique of building new experience with proactive sales approach.

(Answering questions, preparing, closing, handling complaints, monitoring)

Module 12: Improving the successful path with action plan

Module 13: Benefits of learning and applying proactive selling in the digital age.

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