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The 1st COS Mini Workshop


The 1st COS Mini Workshop

Full of 4 quality courses.

with 4 speakers, 4 outstanding styles

but focus on the same goal

is "customer results"

in the topic "Change Management in Challenging Time"

1. Mindset Transformation For Challenging Time  (by Coach Pure, Dr. Weerapong)

2. The Decision for Next Normal  (by Coach Chon  for people)

3. Design Thinking for Change Management   (by Ajarn It  Kantinan)

4. Effective  Communication in Crisis  (by Coach Jua Atakorn)

Thank you to all customers who called to appreciate.

and ask for a lot of details

COS company is happy to help and support.

goals of all customers

As the CEO, I would like to thank all of you very much.

Let's go together, go far, we go as a team.

#cos  #resultbasedtraining

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