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Leader As A Coach Course

Food and Drug Administration


What Happens When Leaders Don't Ask Questions?

The subordinates will work every day.

not dare to think, not dare to express

Do some work, but finish it as ordered.

Not focusing on excellent work, just enough to pass as a ceremony

The subordinates work not as a team.

Bad communication happens in the organization.

Focus on the wrong person, focus on the problem.

don't try to find a way out

In the end, “results” do not occur as the leaders want because

You can never get the right answer by asking the wrong question!

That's why executives need to enhance their roles to have coaching skills and turn to coaching more.

Because coaching is the process of “questioning” in order to lead people in the organization to the “out-of-the-box” or “result” that they want faster than ever before.

Thank you, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

For trusting us to organize the course  “Leader As A Coach” for senior executives.

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