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Code of Success

Effective Communication and Negotiation


Negotiation is a foundation for work and daily life. The limitedness of resources is also a normal thing that makes negotiation the key to satisfy both speaker and listener or even a third person. As a result, the result of negotiation technique can be represented in many aspects, such as Win: Win / Win: Lose / Lose: Win. It is important that learners understand the rules of negotiation. They will be able to work more easily under constrained conditions. Negotiation skills can be practiced so that they can be perfectly applied when talking to the audience. Sometimes you will become a psychological specialist who can predict your interlocutor. This is the result of improving negotiation skills.

The course is focused on developing the mindset and skills to make your own negotiation style professional to fit the interlocutors who are likely to have different genders, ages and perspectives. To be a professional negotiator, you need to learn all the golden rules to satisfy your interlocutors. Upon completion of this course, you will know how to impress your audience in a professional manner and create the best image for your company.

Course Objectives

1. Participants will be able to get into the mind of people through psychology 2. Participants will have learned the knowledge of the golden rule, negotiation skills, problem solving and eliminating controversy

3. Participants will enjoy the course activities and be able to apply them at work

4. making self-development to strengthen relationship with customer


Course Outline: 1 day training. 09:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Module 1: Analysis of customer behavior with psychology.

  • Psychology with different types of people

  • Observation of the speaker's behavior

  • Obstacle of the negotiation

  • 3 questions of a professional negotiator

Workshop: Exchange

Module 2: Development of a successful negotiator

  • Negotiation types

  • 4S (Survivor/ Secure/ Success/ Sharing)

  • Negotiation Mindset

  • Negotiation types

  • Win : Win negotiation technique

  • Scope of a professional negotiator

  • Attitude of the negotiator

  • What to do and what not to do in a negotiation

Module 3: Negotiation skills by situation (problem solving/ removing controversies)

  • Preparation: separation of issues/ finding causes/ making decisions

  • Workshop: Negotiation skills by steps

Start - Topic - Communicate - Negotiate - Conclude, Win : Win

  • Summary and relationship building (loyalty relationship)

  • Obstacle of controversial elimination

Workshop: Activities and simulation

Module 4: Negotiation improvement with Golden Rules

  • 3 rules of strategy, hit - avoid - escape

  • 3 S of success

  • 3 A for a strong result

Module 5: Homework

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