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Consciousness Leadership


Course Title: Delegation

Issues/Cause: Efficiency delegation is one of the most valuable skills that people can easily practice themselves. With this know-how, you can reduce your tasks and gain more time to develop the skills of your employees. It has also been said that good people management becomes critical for all levels of management. Work delegation is about preparing to divide some work to employees to do instead of you, so that you can deal with other important tasks and have a chance to make new progress for the company. Therefore, it is most important for managers to improve their delegation skills to increase their potential. During the course, they can learn how to efficiently assign work to their employees. An indirect result could be that they face a challenge. The course will point out what you will gain, such as the ability to enable more productivity and better growth in the business. To be honest, assignment and delegation skills are considered the most useful skills to achieve the goals and good leadership.

Course Objectives

1. To understand the role and its importance of delegation

2. Learners could be good at recruiting the right man to the right job

3. Leaners could get the advantages and the obstacle of delegation

4. Learners could learn how to assign and apply the knowledge of their work

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