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Positive Mindset For Successful Leader Course

HRAP (Honda R&D Asia Pacific)


What brought us to this point

That doesn't mean it can take us further.

means what?

Every leader has been a subordinate before.

When we were subordinates, we had to use a "thinking method".

When becoming a leader, we have to use another "thinking method".

because the “results” that we want

It is very different.

when he was a subordinate The work depends on yourself.

As a leader, the performance depends on the performance of the team.

That's why We cannot use the “old” mindset.

Come to develop work when we have a higher position.

But "knowing" and "doing it" are different things.

Therefore, curriculum design must have a brain process to drive changes in the “way of thinking”.

The results of the two-year evaluation of HRAP (Honda R&D Asia Pacific) clearly indicate that In addition to being satisfied with the Positive Mindset For Successful Leader training course

foreman attending the training Changes occur and can apply the “thinking method” to work well.

This is the 3rd year this course has been included for supervisors. This year, even though it's online, the efficiency of the course hasn't declined in the slightest.

It was observed from the participants who participated in both asking and answering, as well as helping each other fully present.

Learners have fun and get results. we feel happy

Which course are you interested in us designing?

To help your organization get results

Contact us COS team.

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