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Boost up your team Collaboration course

Brand Suntory


in times of challenge

Everyone wants to use the “Growth Mindset”.

because when the external circumstances change

The work style must also change.

But to change the working style

Not saying that you can change, you can change immediately.

because the working style is determined by the “thinking method”

Therefore, changing the “thinking method” is always the first priority.

To achieve a change in working style

in new ways

So what kind of “thinking method” needs to be created?

The answer is a “progressive way of thinking”, also known as

"Growth Mindset"

Learn and understand, get results to continue working immediately.

Must be the course  “Growth Mindset For Effective Works”.

Thank you, Director of the Consumer Potential Development Division.

Food and Drug Administration who recognizes the importance of personnel development to keep up with changes

come here too

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