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Training courses for raising your brain power to become a professional

Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited


Buriram Sugar is committed to being “professional” in every process.

After the "cane farmer businessman" shows his "professional"

in planting and caring for sugarcane to produce the top-ranking products in the country

An important process that Buriram Sugar pays great attention to.

It is the “harvesting” of sugarcane into the factories, which is also a very important success factor.

How to harvest “Best quality sugarcane” and “lowest loss”

These results only require a “professional” approach, which includes:

“Sugar cane pickers” who need to transport sugarcane to trucks as clean as possible and with minimal contamination.

“Cane cutters” who have to control sugarcane harvesters worth more than 10 million baht each to cut the best quality cane with the least damage.

When there is a "professional" "method", a "professional" way of thinking is indispensable.

Because when “cane pickers” and “cane cutters” have a “professional way of thinking”, they will fully and fully understand their duties and responsibilities for their work and choose the appropriate methods that have been trained. trained to obtain the desired quality sugarcane

Paying attention to professionalism in every step is the “secret” of Buriram Sugar's success.

Thank you management for trusting COS team.

Helping to “build the thought process into a professional”

for both "cane pickers" and "cane cutters" in the course

"Awaken the brain power to become a professional"

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