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Growth Mindset for great performance


Nowadays, the development of technology already has access to all companies or their employees. It is accompanied by more and more complicated tasks. The most interesting topic that drives the operational development is the understanding and application of psychology. Here, people have focused on creating a mindset that can be adapted to different organizations, especially to companies that need to develop themselves, to allow their employees to have a flexible mindset, to seek the path of improvement and to turn a weakness into a strength, which is

called Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset is a fundamental basis for improving the scope of work, relationships, workflow and business turnover. It has also helped employees learn to be flexible with their work schedules. They can deal with rapidly changing situations.

What will a learner be gained?

  1. Learners get it with the meaning and their own Mindset include its types.

  2. To understand the differences between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset along with improving on Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset.

  3. Learners can apply Mindset to daily life and a workplace.

  4. Learners can design their goals with Growth Mindset.


Course Outline: 1 day’s Training. 09:00 A.M. – 04:00 P.M.

Module 1 Mindset: All about Mindset

  • The meaning and the importance of Mindset

  • Mindset Category

  • The power of Mindset to daily life

  • Solution Focus Thinking Technique to change Mindset

  • Workshop: From Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset

Module 2: Potential Development

  • Self-Potential Comprehension

  • Potential Bringing Out Activities

Module 3: the Overall Organization Flow Analysis

  • Cause & Result Rules

  • Thinking and Motivation affected working life

  • Cause & Result Rules Workshop

Module 4: Achievement and Motivation Creation with Growth Mindset

  • The Goals and Self-Inspiration Making

  • To achieve the goals with Growth Mindset

  • Workshop: The Ideal

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