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Training course to awaken your brain power for success

Srisawad Corporation Public Company Limited


The work of the manager or subordinate

There will be no change in the desired way at all.

If we do not know the set Which "brain program"?

that controls the "behavior" of "creating work"

both of the manager himself and that of his subordinates

“thoughts”, “beliefs” and what is known as “faith”

All of them are The “brain program” that controls

“Work behavior” and “Work creation”

that are complex and affect behavior

to a large extent varying

The work that is still "not as you wish" indicates that the "program" itself

“There is a problem” and definitely needs an “upgrade”.

When there is an "idea" problem, it must be solved at the "idea" level.

When "belief" has a problem, it must be solved at the level of "belief".

When there is a problem with "faith", it must be solved at the level of "faith".

The question is whether

Managers know and can differentiate.

of each type of "program"?

Does the manager realize that the unsatisfactory output has a problem trapped in what level of "programming" is it?

And most importantly, managers know "tools" to "access"

Is the program "decrypting" the program, as well as "making" a new, better program?

“Awakening the Brain for Success” is a course that leads managers to understand the mechanisms of these brain programs. in order to be able to bring yourself and your subordinates to the desired results in a short time

With the 4th edition, the last version is for district managers and region managers of Srisawad Corporation.

PS. This version, before the start of the class, the administrators came to confirm with the participants that  "If you leave the classroom and don't like it or you don't get anything good that is worth returning You can step on me in front of the training room.”

Guaranteed to win the hearts of both students and teachers like this.

The whole room is full of both students and teachers as well.

Prepare to meet again in the "High Impact Coaching For Breakthrough Results For Manager" course that will teach managers to coach their brains and their subordinates to create better performance by themselves.

Because here at COS we focus on results!

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