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Excellent sales techniques Conquer operational sales

This course is suitable for

Supervisors / employees at all levels

Course name: Advanced sales techniques Conquer operational sales

Selling is an essential skill in every person's life. But selling has become a barrier to development. The reason itself arises from familiarity or past memories that most people have similar beliefs or values. that salespeople have to ask for and be rejected, resulting in most people not wanting to work as a salesperson But with the key factors of the business to grow, the indicators is sales growth Therefore, the growth path from employees Until becoming an entrepreneur, there is no denying that #sales skills are very necessary skills. such as presenting ideas, persuading the team, negotiating, etc. 

This course is designed for voluntary salespeople. Or fall down the stairs of thieves to become a seller. have restarted Or upgrade to become a golden hand seller (God level) with a learning model, practical training process. and it's easier than you think Achieve goals by making decisions and focus on getting on the field, doing, doing


course objectives
  1.  A salesperson who wants to achieve goals in a personalized style.

  2.  Salesperson who wants to raise and grow systematically

  3.  Related Employees with Growing Goals as Salespeople


Lecturer  Sunitcha Chobchai

MOTTO believes that every human being is a miracle of this world that can be developed.

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