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Strategic Sales Team Leader system thinking and application

This course is suitable for

sales team leader
Sales Manager/Executive
business owner

Course Name: Strategic Sales Team Leader

    Business growth is measured by higher and higher margin sales than its competitors. The same business is the answer to leadership in the same business. Therefore, the sales team is a team at the organization. Emphasis is placed on developing both Hard Skill & Soft Skill to overcome problems. obstacles within the organization and outside the organization To grow by having leaders with strong sales jobs. And work strategically like a pro 

   sales team leaders, executives, sales teams, or even business owners. therefore an important person in the drive team with thinking skills management and development of sales team systematically or development Outstanding strategic sales team play as a team Knowingly, being equal to everyone, and finding the strengths of the salespeople in the team with the skills and perspective of the team leader in bringing together (to puzzle) to be the image of Teams that are consistent with corporate policy

    This course is designed to help learners develop perspectives, ideas, and achieve sales goals. by working as a team with confidence Confident everyone in the team with strategic work As a leader with a systematic work process have clear goals and saw the outstanding performance of every salesperson in the team To be successful together with the organization 


course objectives
  1.  for learners to understand the role and the importance of assignments

  2.  In order for learners to understand how to choose the right person for the job (Right man/Right job)

  3.  for learners to understand useful and obstacles in assignments

  4.  To let learners know the assignment process. ready to adapt to their work


Lecturer  Sunitcha Chobchai

MOTTO believes that every human being is a miracle of this world that can be developed / A good sales team leader must be good. Grow your sales team with style.

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