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The Quality of Life Enhancement In Society

Code Of Success has long been a training company aimed at people interested in improving soft skills to strengthen the personnel in the company to deal with the changes and growth of the company. With the professional groups of specialists,

we make sure that all organizations will be impressed with our properly course

design that will extremely answer their requirements. In addition, the lists of modern and multi-curricula below will make them achieve their results in the best ways.

  • Leadership Management

  • Thinking Process

  • Strategic Management

  • Team Performance

  • Turning Vision Into Profit

Brainstorm Team Meeting

Check it out with one of the leading soft skills training company
" Code Of Success" offers you online courses that obviously answer the requirement of staff improvement in all positions consists of
Leadership & Supervisor Management and Operation Training.


Code of Success

About Us

The company has run its business based on the belief that happiness and professional success can make individuals realize their true potential and help the company achieve its goal. In addition, we have discovered the different types of people in the company. We need tools to make them aware that happiness and professional success are important. To accomplish this task, Coaching, Brain Science and Positive Psychology or Mixed & Match have been used to promote potential. The aforementioned methods have proven to be effective around the world as they increase efficiency and realize potential in a short period of time.

Mixed & Match is used as an alternative solution for various organizations with training and coaching methods so that their needs are highly answered with intent and service values that include;


Customer Focus

The keys of all courses

are a customer centric.


Outcome Oriented

Focus on creating the

result to customer.


Success with Happiness

to help our customer to reach the target with happiness is our priority.


We, Code Of Success, are proud to offer Onsite & Virtual Classroom to all companies who want to develop the potential of their employees to grow together and improve the critical skills for their organization.

Code of E-Book

Blue Smoke

Organization Curriculum


1. Growth Mindset for
Great Performance

Blue Smoke

2. Brain Coaching for
Faster Success

Blue Smoke

3. Consciousness Leadership

Blue Smoke

4. Empathic Communication
for work

Blue Smoke

5. High Impact Coaching & Positive Feedback

Blue Smoke

6. Leadership Development with Action Learning

Blue Smoke

7. Entrepreneurial Leader

Blue Smoke

8. Systems Thinking for Challenge Management

Blue Smoke

9. Smart Supervisor

Blue Smoke

10. Effective Working by 5Q

Blue Smoke

11. Effective Communication and Negotiation

Blue Smoke

12. Proactive Selling Skills in Digital Era



Activity 28/01/2565

หลักสูตร Growth Mindset for Effective Work กรมสวัสดิการและคุ้มครองแรงงาน 28/01/2565

Activity 14/12/2564

หลักสูตร Boost up your team Collaboration Brand Suntory 14/12/2564

Activity 29-30/11/2564

หลักสูตร ปลุกพลังสมองสู่การเป็นมืออาชีพ บริษัท น้ําตาลบุรีรัมย์ จํากัด มหาชน 29-30/11/2564

Activity 28/11/2564

หลักสูตร ปลุกพลังสมองสู่ความสำเร็จ บริษัท ศรีสวัสดิ์ คอร์ปอเรชั่น จํากัด (มหาชน) 28/11/2564


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Code of Success

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